Free Hosting for Free OS Projects


I am offering free hosting services for any new Operating System project that meets my requirements. If you are interested, send e-mail to with the subject "Hosting Service," or fill out our application form.


If you are unsure about the requirements, ask. Exceptions may be possible. I may be willing to provide services for other projects that meet the requirements that are not exactly Operating Systems. If you don't meet requirement #3 please be directed to the Free Operating System Mailing Lists where you can work on finding a clear goal.

  1. The results of the project will be free.
  2. There is one person responsible for the project.
  3. The project has a clear goal.

I provide the following services to projects which meet the requirements. You may request any of the services individually. I don't provide chat capabilities, but you can use Freenode for that.

  1. shell accounts for active members in your project, accessible by ssh and scp
  2. web space for the members and the project, with virtual hosting
  3. anonymous FTP space
  4. CVS
  5. E-mail boxes (accessible by IMAP-SSL, or our HTTPS webmail server)
  6. Mailing lists with web archives
  7. DNS primary and secondary service
  8. MX e-mail for your domain

  1. No guarantee.

Disclaimer: This is not a commercial offer! No compensation is accepted for the services and no warranty is provided for them.

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