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Welcome to Creative Commons Film Group

We are dedicated to Indie, Guerrilla and promotional film making using open source ideas and software. We want to bring together all the people that make movies so that they can help each other in a very helpful and friendly way. We want our users to post their personal info as wanted or help needed adds, trade hardware, find scripts, share tutorials, Market their talent or fill any other need that a film maker has. We want all people involved in film, vidio or open source to to join. We also want to support free and open source movie tools like Blender 3d and other tools that might be needed all the way down to budgeting help.

Welcome to Creative Commons Film Group

Postby Douglas E Knapp » Mon May 10, 2010 12:27 pm

The website domain name has been changed to, "".
The old one will work but please start using the new one and re-bookmark it. Thanks!

We are here to help you and for you to help other make films! If you have any questions or want other forums made feel free to ask me.

All users here are expected to treat all other users with care and compassion. You may not say things like RTFM or insult other users in any way. If you really think they need to Google something or read something, do it for them and teach them how you did it. Be sure to be exact when asking someone to read something.

To really get this forum off the ground I need you to tell everyone you know about CCFG and to post links in your emails and on your websites pointing to here. The only way this site will work is by growing a large and friendly community of people that believe in helping each other and sharing the work and knowledge required to make films.

Open source does not mean you can't make money. All movies require money and time to be made. The Open Movie project did this by selling their DVDs before the movie was made and letting those early detonator have their names in the credits and also letting them be the very first to see the movie. After some time the movie was released to the general public for free but of course asking for donations so that more firms could be made. Adds are another way to get money for your film. don't overlook local businesses that might benefit by being in your movie. It might not seem like it but even local shops might give you $1000, if you film at their store and show off their name. It can't hurt to ask. In addition there are places that want to support the arts that might give you some cash.

Have fun!
Douglas E Knapp
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