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Saturday, 18 March 2023

00:38:00 <heat>
00:38:00 <bslsk05> ​ Collapse OS — Bootstrap post-collapse technology
02:02:00 <kazinsal> heat: doomscrolling-induced psychosis meets osdev. fascinating.
02:03:00 <kazinsal> the guy's manifesto has some seriously questionable stances on covid vaccination
02:03:00 <kazinsal> and about the value of the lives of ukrainian civilians
02:03:00 <kazinsal> definitely doomscrolling induced psychosis.
02:26:00 <heat> it's hilarious
02:26:00 <heat> it's like an improv prompt
02:27:00 <heat> webdev that thinks civilization will collapse in 2030 develops an operating system in forth for a CPU that's in your TI-84+
02:39:00 <geist> ah yes that guy
02:43:00 <sakasama> He says he never believed in unicorns. :(
03:11:00 <heat> TIL the a53 doesn't even have hypervisor support
03:11:00 <heat> smh
03:42:00 <heat> this sdcard peaks at 4MB/s, speedy
04:13:00 <geist> heat: not true, actually
04:13:00 <geist> a53 has full EL2 support
04:13:00 <geist> or at least it definitely can. not sure it's an option on the SOC vendor to turn it off
04:13:00 <heat> really? maybe I need a particular CONFIG option for the kernel?
04:13:00 <geist> what board are you using?
04:14:00 <heat> rpi zero 2 w
04:14:00 <geist> that's entirely possible. is this a ras... oh
04:14:00 <heat> but I was running manjaro, not raspbian
04:14:00 <geist> yeah if there *is* a possibility of leaving the feature out, they will do it
04:14:00 <heat> lol
04:14:00 <geist> and/or not config it, also KVM presence also sometimes relies on the capability to nicely virtualize the interrupt controller, timer, etc
04:15:00 <geist> and of course broadcomm (prior to the pi 4) always chooses their own stupid implementation which breaks KVM
04:15:00 <geist> not entirely sure what vintage the zero 2 is, but it's probalby just not supported. not for CPU reasons necessarily
04:15:00 <heat> ah it's a modified rpi 3 chipset I think
04:16:00 <geist> yah that has at the minimum a stupid interrupt controller, and doesn't use the built n timer, which may be enough to basically break KVM
04:16:00 <geist> also possible they just didn't include KVM support in the config. easy enough to verify
04:16:00 <geist> also if the bootloader doesn't start linux in EL2 it wont try to enable KVM
04:17:00 <geist> and since everything is hella bespoke on anything with raspberry in the name...
04:17:00 <heat> I did qemu-... --enable-kvm and it failed basically saying it doesnt have KVM support
04:17:00 <geist> if there's no /dev/kvm yeah
04:17:00 <geist> or you dont have perms for it
04:17:00 <geist> also of course only works for aarch64 qemu, as i'm sre you're aware
04:18:00 <heat> yep
04:18:00 <heat> anyway now I'm trying to get netbsd to boot with sshd and wireless configured, without having serial
04:18:00 <heat> yay!?
04:20:00 <geist> hrm i can't even get the kernel config for this rpi3 i have floating around
04:20:00 <geist> not compiled in, not in /boot, etc
04:20:00 <geist> ugh. but it also doesn't have kvm for sure
04:20:00 <geist> nothig in dmesg seems to indicate that it did or didn't boot in El2
04:21:00 <geist> oh hand on a sec, this is even running a 32bit kernel. is yours even got a 64bit build on it?
04:24:00 <heat> yep
04:24:00 <heat> raspbian is 32-bit only, but manjaro does 64 just fine
04:25:00 <klange> There's a 64-bit build of raspbian, it's just not the default.
04:26:00 <heat> ah
04:31:00 <heat> ok turns out I downloaded the wrong latest
04:31:00 <heat> ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhHHHHhhhhhHHHHhhhhhh
04:34:00 <geist> you wouldn't have this problem if you were using RUUUUUUUUSSST
04:36:00 <heat> if I ask netbsd people to rewrite it in rust I'll probably get banned
04:40:00 <kazinsal> do it, I want some RUUUUUUUUUUSSSST on VAAAAAAAAAX
04:44:00 <heat> the netbsd folks look over a very important and historic operating system and do not deserve this kind of trolling
04:45:00 <heat> openbsd however
05:03:00 <kazinsal>
05:04:00 <kazinsal> a shameful compiler
05:05:00 <Mutabah> Does llvm support VAX?
05:06:00 <heat> no
10:53:00 <Ermine> But does gcc suppoty VAX?
10:54:00 <moon-child> not anymore, apparently
10:54:00 <bslsk05> ​ News List | Glendale Community College
10:54:00 <moon-child> ;)
17:38:00 <mjg> geist:
17:38:00 <bslsk05> ​ The Birth of ZFS by Jeff Bonwick - YouTube
17:38:00 <mjg> geist: re some older zfs convo
17:39:00 <mjg> i find it funny that 'tank' is a reference to matrix movie
18:03:00 <sham1> tank is also the only acceptable name for a zpool, and people can fight me on this
18:29:00 <johngammerson> hey guys
18:29:00 <johngammerson> what's the equivalent of mov DWORD [edi], ebx in GAS?
18:30:00 <GeDaMo> movl %ebx, (%edi)
18:30:00 <GeDaMo> (Possibly)
18:32:00 <johngammerson> thank you very much
18:33:00 <GeDaMo> You can get gas to use Intel syntax
18:33:00 <zid> sorta
18:33:00 <zid> the subtle differences have murdered me once or twice
18:50:00 * geist yawns
18:50:00 <geist> lovely saturday
18:52:00 * gog hands geist a saturday bagel and coffee
18:52:00 <geist> awww. well just made the coffee
18:52:00 <geist> but alas no bagel
18:53:00 <ghostbuster> in the "info proc map" command of gdb, the Perms column has four permissions.. rwxp - what does p stand for?
18:54:00 <geist> hmm, no idea. privildged? probably not, since it's for a single process
18:54:00 <GeDaMo> Appears to be 'private'
18:54:00 <bslsk05> ​ memory - What are the "rwxp" sections in /proc/pid/smaps (linux) - Stack Overflow
18:54:00 <geist> maybe 'private'
18:54:00 <geist> yah
18:54:00 <geist> ie, not a shared mapping
18:56:00 <Ermine> gog: may I give you a saturday petting?
19:17:00 <gog> yes
19:20:00 * Ermine pets gog the saturday way
19:22:00 <heat> sup
19:23:00 <heat> so i found out I have covid
19:23:00 <heat> yay?
19:23:00 <Ermine> \o/
19:23:00 <zid> how did you manage that
19:23:00 <Ermine> oh my
19:23:00 <zid> BSD developers can't catch covid
19:23:00 <heat> sorry what
19:23:00 <Ermine> Get better soon
19:23:00 <zid> Their lifestyle grants them immunity I thought
19:24:00 <heat> sorry zid, you're confusing things
19:24:00 <heat> i told you i'm into BDSM***
19:24:00 <heat> Ermine, thanks
19:25:00 * Ermine regrets being lazy to get additional vaccine dose
19:25:00 <zid> I've had.. two? I think? I forget.
19:25:00 <zid> They were doing thirds but you had to be an old person
19:25:00 <zid> I could probably get one if I asked now
19:26:00 <Ermine> booster dose I mean
19:26:00 <heat> totally, they're giving them away like crazy, at least here
19:26:00 <heat> like, no one wants that shit anymore
19:26:00 <heat> "covid? what's that?"
19:26:00 <zid> There's been <3 reported cases here in the past week, but idk how underreported that is
19:27:00 <GeDaMo> I'm up to date as far as I know
19:28:00 <GeDaMo> I can't remember how many I've had :/
19:28:00 <zid> same
19:28:00 <zid> I think it's two though
19:28:00 * Ermine misses the time he didn't have to commute
19:28:00 <heat> in any case I feel totally ok. feels like a cold really
19:29:00 <zid> 151 people only had their second dose yesterday, heh
19:29:00 <heat> i got a fever this evening while trying to install NetBSD
19:29:00 <GeDaMo> Two original jabs and two boosters sounds about right
19:29:00 <zid> you're on 4? geez
19:29:00 <zid> NHS need to send me more emails
19:29:00 <GeDaMo> There's a website
19:30:00 <GeDaMo> I had to make an appointment for the last two myself, I didn't get letters or emails
19:30:00 <Ermine> Want a cool story?
19:30:00 <zid> yea I figured I could ask
19:31:00 <GeDaMo> Also, you may just be able to turn up at a vaccination centre without an appointment
19:31:00 <zid> yea
19:31:00 <zid> if they still have them?
19:32:00 <GeDaMo> I got my last one in November, I've not been paying much attention since :|
19:32:00 <gog> BSD is a known vector for disease'
19:32:00 <gog> the disease of installing BSD
19:33:00 <GeDaMo> What about uninstalling? :|
19:33:00 <heat> holy shit believe me
19:33:00 <heat> that shit was rage inducing
19:33:00 <heat> i know freebsd is a deadend
19:34:00 <heat> cuz they don't support the wifi chip
19:34:00 <Ermine> ^
19:34:00 <zid> gog: You don't get social diseases like URTIs from BSD though
19:34:00 <zid> you get things like bedsores
19:37:00 <Ermine> Apparently wikipedia adds the most shocking pictures possible to pages about diseases
19:37:00 <zid> you wish
19:37:00 <zid> they add really tame pictures usually
19:38:00 <heat>
19:38:00 <heat> add this to the BSD wikipage
19:38:00 <zid> The BSD reference user.
19:39:00 <Ermine> Well, Average Joes™ see us all as such
19:39:00 <zid> The horrendous part is that's the reference user
19:39:00 <zid> it's the center of the bell curve
19:39:00 <bnchs> Ermine: well, if you think wikipedia adds the most shocking pictures possible to pages about diseases
19:40:00 <bnchs> then wait until you see what happens if you search images of a disease on a search engine
19:41:00 * Ermine trusts bnchs and abstains from googling it
19:43:00 <bnchs> i googled foot injury, and got photos of crash accidents, of feet being grinded ag- welll
19:54:00 <sortie> YoU WOuldn'T ProGRAm A kErnEl
19:58:00 <gog> i would
19:58:00 <gog> but i have no regard for my own sanity
19:59:00 <heat_> sortie, lets all make an operating system together
19:59:00 <heat_> will work very well i promise
19:59:00 <zid> can I pick the waifus
19:59:00 <heat_> no waifus
19:59:00 <zid> that's an important part of a modern OS
19:59:00 <gog> can i be the waifu
19:59:00 <heat_> yes gog
19:59:00 <zid> you can't leave out the important parts
20:01:00 <bnchs> can i also be the waifu?
20:01:00 <gog> we can both be waifu
20:01:00 <heat_> no
20:01:00 <heat_> one waifu max
20:02:00 <zid> no SMW?
20:02:00 <gog> let her be a waifu too
20:02:00 <heat> this is a monogamous operating system
20:02:00 <gog> BOOOOOO'
20:02:00 <zid> Like hell am I running an OS in 2023 with no symmetrical multi-waifu
20:02:00 <gog> same
20:03:00 <Ermine> OS-waifu
20:03:00 <gog> waifuOS
20:04:00 <gog> also it already exists
20:04:00 <bnchs> :<
20:05:00 <zid> heat just doesn't want to compete with sortix
20:05:00 <sortie> It is impossible to compete with me
20:06:00 <heat> hello
20:06:00 <heat> how many cpu core u using???
20:06:00 <bnchs> i don't even know why i joined this channel
20:06:00 <sortie> When anyone somehow gets close to matching the rich abilities of Sortix 1.0, I will drop the long awaited Sortix 1.1 and shame you
20:06:00 <bnchs> my messages have been not so OSDev-related
20:06:00 <sortie> heat, hi, I'd like to install your operating system
20:07:00 <notheat> hi, i need help figuring out the IDT
20:07:00 <zid> heat did you add usb to onyx yet
20:07:00 <notheat> i tried copypasting from 10 tutorials but it reboots
20:07:00 <zid> duh
20:07:00 <zid> copy paste from 11
20:08:00 <zid> unexpected cool feature of this motherboard
20:08:00 <notheat> what is motherbarod
20:08:00 <zid> there's a stupid glowing heatsink over the VRMs
20:08:00 <gog> my messages are more often not OS-related than they are
20:08:00 <zid> but it makes plugging usb cables in really easy because it all leaks out the i/o shield
20:30:00 <heat> hi
20:37:00 <sortie> heat, hi, I have an installation of your OS, how do I upgrade to the latest version without losing my data?
20:39:00 <bnchs> today i feel too lazy to rewrite my memory management system
20:39:00 <bnchs> i am a big dumbass for writing the worst system
20:44:00 <heat> sortie, you just do, it's rolling release baby
20:45:00 <heat> no versions
20:45:00 <heat> who needs a complicated system upgrade scheme? i sure as hell dont
20:45:00 <heat> package go brrrr
20:47:00 <zid> heat I am rusty as fuck at le tet :(
20:47:00 <sortie> heat, you just reinstall on top of your installation, is that what you mean?
20:47:00 <zid> copy new kernel.bin done
20:48:00 <zid> same as linux