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Monday, 4 September 2023

00:20:00 <geist> clever: yeah, i think PC format has a implicit interleave
00:20:00 <geist> though later controllers could do track at a time, which is faster if nothing else because it can read the sectors back to back and un-interleave it
00:21:00 <geist> so only takes one rotation to read the track in, instead of N rotations to read the sectors in logical order
01:15:00 <clever> geist: and ive seen an adrians digital basement vid, where he was able to change the interleave when doing a low-level format
01:17:00 <geist> yeah but not on a floppy. that was on ESDI hard drivers
01:17:00 <geist> drives
01:17:00 <geist> before IDE, where the controller itself is expecting a particular layout
01:19:00 <clever> maybe it was the other stuff, for emulating floppy drives
01:19:00 <zid> the other guy whose channel I can't remember does a lot of floppy stuff
01:19:00 <zid> they use FLUX MAPS
01:19:00 <zid> instead of disk images
01:19:00 <zid> and it has a nice visualizer :P
01:20:00 <clever> yeah, ive seen that tool
01:21:00 <clever> i think?
01:21:00 <bslsk05> ​'How to image and create disks for retro computers' by Adrian's Digital Basement (00:55:10)
01:22:00 <clever>
01:22:00 <clever> ah here
01:22:00 <bslsk05> ​'How to image and create disks for retro computers' by Adrian's Digital Basement (00:55:10)
01:23:00 <clever> this `imagedisk` program has all of the track/sector/interleave settings, when formatting/imaging a floppy
01:23:00 <zid> This tool
01:23:00 <bslsk05> ​'8" Floppy PSU Rebuild, Load Tests, and Finally Disk Imaging!' by Tech Tangents II (04:40:42)
01:24:00 <clever> ah yep, thats the floppy tool i was thinking of
01:24:00 <clever> and if you look closely, you can see how the sectors arent aligned perfectly
01:24:00 <clever> the inter-sector gaps are to account for that
01:25:00 <geist> yeah neat
01:25:00 <geist> that makes sense if trying to reformat a flppy for non PCs yeah
01:25:00 <clever> yep
01:25:00 * geist is trying to get the scsi2sd to work with the vax again
01:25:00 <geist> dunno why it stopped. it has no problem using real hard drives, just booted netbsd off an old 1GB scsi disk
01:26:00 <geist> but it's really really noisy. not in a good way, int he terribly loud spindle kinda way
09:27:00 <gog> hi
09:28:00 <sham1> hi
09:53:00 * vdamewood gives gog a fishy
09:55:00 * gog season the fishy with some dill and chomp it
09:59:00 <Ermine> gog: may I pet you
10:00:00 <ChavGPT> lmao "you would not put jeff bezos's bank account as the background of your phone to remind yoursef how poor you are"
10:00:00 <ChavGPT> "... so don't put an influencer picture either"
10:00:00 <Ermine> de wat
10:07:00 <gog> Ermine: yes
10:09:00 <gog> also your run of the mill influencer is several orders of magnitude less wealthy than bezos and their wealth is probably precarious
10:10:00 <gog> they're rational actors in an irrational market imo
10:10:00 <gog> they've found a niche and are sellign a product to sell other products
10:10:00 <gog> their personality and image is the product
10:10:00 <gog> it's just the new way marketing is done
10:10:00 <GeDaMo> Human beings are not rational :|
10:11:00 <gog> not intriniscally
10:11:00 <gog> but the thing they're doing makes sense within the context of the market we have now
10:11:00 <gog> setting aside the various privileges that makes it possible for them to occupy that niche
10:12:00 <gog> this isn't an endorsement of the market we have, just an observation
10:13:00 <gog> i did think it was funny when this influencer complained about having to wait in line for transportatio and walk to a place to get pictures and video and that social media influencer was work and like.. yeah?
10:13:00 <gog> congratulations you've attained the basic level of class consciousness
10:13:00 <gog> keep on it
10:16:00 <ChavGPT> best part about influencers is that they fake their lifestyles
10:16:00 <ChavGPT> pretendin to fly first class, or better yet, in a private jet
10:18:00 <gog> yeh
10:18:00 <gog> i should be an influencer
10:18:00 <ChavGPT> dawg i am an influencer
10:19:00 <gog> pretending to drive my luxury car to my influencer office
10:19:00 <ChavGPT> there was a dude years back who faked everythiing
10:19:00 <gog> sitting down and answering influejncer emails
10:19:00 <ChavGPT> fucking photos on magazine covers
10:19:00 <gog> hahahah yeah kurtis conner did a video on him iirc
10:53:00 * Ermine pets gog
15:42:00 <zid> good news, it's light novel day
15:42:00 <zid> gog I need you to drive me in your ferrari to a nice park or something to read in
15:46:00 <gog> k
15:46:00 <zid> iceland's most grassy and tree-filled park, looks good
15:48:00 <gog>
15:48:00 <gog> this is iceland's most tree-filled park ty
15:48:00 <gog> we have trees
15:48:00 <gog> you're fake news
15:48:00 <zid> Those are shrubberies
15:49:00 <zid> also a.. cesna
15:49:00 <gog> you're a shrubbery
15:49:00 <zid> I don't think a cesna is a type of tree, bad scam
15:49:00 <gog> yeah there's an airport right next to this park
15:49:00 <gog> which is cool
15:49:00 <gog> i like to watch planes land when i'm there
15:49:00 <zid> I'm surrounded by a billion airfields
15:49:00 <zid> blame germany
15:49:00 <gog> true
15:51:00 <zid> I see 747s with fighter escorts, random bombers, lots of pilots practicing, etc
15:51:00 <zid> plus a bunch of recreational stuff, cesnas etc
15:51:00 <gog> ooh fun
15:52:00 <zid> was fishing once, with tall trees only giving a little pocket of sky to look at
15:52:00 <gog> the biggest plane i see is the occasional 737 or a320
15:52:00 <gog> at least in town
15:52:00 <zid> and just got absolutely hammered by aircraft noise for a few m ins
15:52:00 <zid> then just peeking through the gap in the tree cover above the water, a VERY low flying passenger jet, completely black
15:52:00 <zid> and a bunch of fighters
15:53:00 <GeDaMo> I mainly see helicopters
15:53:00 <zid> that's because scottish air is nice and soupy and thick
15:53:00 <gog> mostly i see DHC-8s
15:54:00 <gog> that's what icelandair operates for its domestic flights
15:58:00 <zid> domestic flights? Do they do a lap of the island and land back in ryek?
16:00:00 <gog> yeh
16:21:00 <froggey> i live under the flight path into heathrow, just planes overhead constantly. seeing the a380s is cool, they're absolutely huge
16:21:00 <zid> ouch
16:22:00 <zid> I get 0 airliner noise here, but like 10am to 2pm I will often get turbojet spam
16:22:00 <zid> someone in a eurofighter doing donuts or whatever
16:38:00 <zid> oh, here's some additional info about how close I am to various mil bases, my neighbour 2 doors down is an aircraft mechanic.
16:40:00 <gog> nice
16:46:00 <zid> useful if you want to borrow wd-40
16:52:00 <sham1> If it's an eurofighter then those are some expensive doughnuts
16:52:00 <zid> It's their avgas not mine, shrug
17:37:00 <gog> hi
17:37:00 <zid> bleb and gog should have baby, called blorb
17:38:00 <gog> blorb
17:38:00 <zid> it's a *very* good baby name, highly descriptive
17:38:00 <zid> It's always the first adjective that springs to mind when I see a baby at least
17:48:00 <Ermine> hi gog
17:48:00 <gog> hi ermine
17:48:00 <Ermine> may I pet you
17:49:00 <gog> yes
17:52:00 <sham1> blorb
18:05:00 * Ermine pets gog
18:05:00 * gog prr
19:24:00 <zid> github has helpfully sent me a message to let me know I've been mentioned on github
19:24:00 <zid>
19:24:00 <bslsk05> ​ @ZID 标记的字段在启动时判断名称是否正确 · zhangzhengit/sb_zrepository@de8e92f · GitHub
19:34:00 <sham1> It's a very empty repo
19:34:00 <zid> branch 'develop'
19:34:00 <zid> has 23 commits
19:35:00 <sham1> oh
19:35:00 <sham1> > code 55% faster with github copilor
19:35:00 <sham1> NO
19:36:00 <zid> I can probably code about 1% faster with it
19:36:00 <zid> because weirdly my ability to code is not infact, hamstrung by my ability to type
19:36:00 <zid> It's by my ability to think, naturally.
19:38:00 <Ermine> sham1: that annoys me too
19:39:00 <Ermine> code 55% faster and create 110% shittier code
19:39:00 <zid> I'd like to *try* copilot, just so I can look smug when my biases are proven
19:40:00 <gog> i like to write my own shitty code
19:40:00 <gog> i'm a professional and i will not blame a tool for my failures
19:40:00 <zid> copilot is great for web shit
19:40:00 <zid> because it's all boilerplate all of the time
19:40:00 <zid> so that you can interact with your FRAMEWORK
19:40:00 <gog> we're refactoring away our boilerplate
19:40:00 <sham1> Copilot is good for copyright infringement
19:40:00 <gog> bit by bit
19:40:00 <gog> also that
19:41:00 <zid> that's the best part of the internet
19:41:00 <zid> we'd be lost without the rampant copyright infringement
19:41:00 <Ermine> Only if everyone was a cutie such as you
19:41:00 <sham1> Also, just the fact that there are now ADS IN GITHUB
19:41:00 <sham1> AAAAA
19:41:00 <gog> me??
19:42:00 <gog> eee
19:42:00 <Ermine> yes
19:42:00 * gog prr
20:13:00 <geist> yay
20:14:00 <gog> hi
21:15:00 <gog> hi
21:16:00 <sham1> hi
21:46:00 <gog> i'm sad still
21:50:00 <zid> have you tried beating your children
21:50:00 <zid> that cheers a lot of people up
21:52:00 <gog> :| i don't think that'll make me feel better
21:52:00 <zid> don't knock it until you try it!
21:52:00 <gog> in fact i think that would make me feel a lot worse